Meet Design

Our construction recognizes changes in design and details, but stays focused on our quality standards and commitment to our Clients based on delivering qualitative service – on time and within budget.

We turn ordinary ideas into exceptional projects - Executed with the finest details.

At Great Maravillas we turn ordinary ideas into exceptional projects executed to the finest details.


Airport Lounge, Nnamdi Azikiwe Internaltional Airport


Diamond Bank, Coker - Lagos.


Interior & Decor Ikoyi - Lagos.


Luxury Residential Development - Lake View Park 1


Our Philosophy of Design

Our architecture and urban design is context bound and human centered, using projected cultural, social and psychological effects on the end-user as the basis for the generation of ideas. We measure the success of each scheme by its effect on the inhabitants and the value added to the client. At Great Maravillas our architecture is rooted in tradition but powered by technology.

Our Philosophy of Construction

The construction arm is an extension of our design ideas, developed with the client as theme, it aims at developing the “cheapest best” options with the client as an active participant in the decision making process. It is founded on the notion of achieving long Urban Design term shared and sustain able relationships Engineering focused on mutual benefits and shared Construction successes between us and our clients through Project management the delivery of high quality products at client- Space planning friendly prices.