Construction Services At Its Peak

Great Maravillas Nigeria Limited delivers top-notch, modern engineering and construction; we also offer building maintenance services. We offer a one-stop money back guarantee service on work executed by our company. Our employees are certified professionals and skilled to deliver excellent work. Our artisans and craftsmen undergo background checks so as to ensure security, safety, and protection of our client’s assets and peace of mind.

Our Interior Design Legacy

At Great Maravillas Nigeria Limited, our Interior designers focus on architecture and interior design, exploring various scenarios: from residential to commercial projects, from retail projects to showrooms. Our works are the result of a continuous research on space and materials.

We deal with a wide range of projects: from residential to office, from commercial projects to retail design.
The focus of our work is understanding what the Client wants. Our best skill is the ability to interpret Client needs: we take them by the hand and we accompany them in the realization of what they really want.
This is absolutely the most delicate phase, the one around which all the others will develop, consecutively.

Once the needs of the client have been identified, depending on the type of task and intervention to be implemented, the concept is drawn up: through this phase, where the final result is identified, we try to transpose everything on paper. what the customer has told us, from his taste, to the definition of the environments and his specific needs. After having carried out inspections and technical surveys and conceived the concept, having received the go-ahead from the Client we proceed with putting the design phase into practice: the work to be performed, the permits to be requested and the metric calculation are completed. We regularly manage our projects in any country, from the concept phase, to the control of the execution of the work on site, thanks also to our network of trusted collaborators, scattered all over the world.

Once these steps have been completed, all that remains is to proceed with the executive project, which is the most accurate representation of the client’s needs, which is the realization of the finishes and of all the interior design. The result we obtain, is never the result of a unique mind and professionalism, but is a mix of skills, creativity and, of course, the most precise expression of the needs and wishes expressed by the Client.